We had our first walk-through the house at 630 am. I was extremely surprised to see so many vehicles out the front of our house (and our neighbour’s place) at that time.

We had 2-3 plasterers, and 4-5 brickies there this morning. It looked (to me) like the major part of the plastering was done – every wall had the sheets on, and they were joining/finishing off the edges.

It looks fantastic so far. The ceiling heights are just lovely, the stacker doors make me so glad we ended up going with them (instead of the 1 slider) and there are holes poked into the plaster at each point where the powerpoints should go.

Our new site manager seems quietly confident as well. He is still finding his Metricon feet, but sounds like he knows what he’s doing.

Next week (build week 9 – 23rd March) is carpentry – architraves and doors installation, with waterproofing around the 30th of March (build week 10) and tiling due to start 4th April (build week 11). The site man (Dean) said the tiler will call us and set up a meeting before he starts so we all know the tiles are correct. Luckily that will fall at the start of the school holidays so that meeting doesn’t have to be at 630 am (and husband can attend without us rushing for time). Dean also said the cabinetry will go in some time before the tiles are installed as well. It’s coming together really well so far. I know our old site manager said an estimated practical completion was 4 weeks prior to the contract finish date (so end of June), but from the timelines I’ve seen, we’re on track for a late-May completion date (fingers crossed, touch wood!)


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