This week has been a disaster for many people in Queensland. Personally, we got through it pretty much business-as-usual. I had a sick day on Tuesday, then worked for 2 hours before leaving work (they were closing the office) on Thursday and decided to work from home on Friday.

Our site manager called me on Friday afternoon and ensured us that our house was fine – we were worried about flash flooding. Our waterproofing had been completed on Friday and our kitchens had been installed as well. YAY!

We’re due to have a meeting with the tiling next week to check the tiles are correct before they start. I’ll be able to put photos up after that.

So this week it’s tiling. Next week I would assume it’s final electrical and plumbing stuff (lights and fittings, tapware). Dean (SM) couldn’t give me an updated PCI yet, he said it’s still on track so whatever Stephen had told us – end of June. That sounds like a lot of spare time to me. I’m estimating mid-May.

In other news, one of our neighbour’s have their roof on, and our other neighbour has a slab done and framing sitting their ready to go. Even one of the blocks across the road and down a bit look like their land has been cleared.

We have an appointment (but no time yet) with our landscaper next Saturday (8 April) too.

Update: PHOTOS!


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