Our site manager told me yesterday the tiling is going well. It should be finished by Monday with possibly some grouting to do on Tuesday. Then, it’s pre-paint work for Week 12 of our build. Week 13 will be the actual painting. Dean said that should take a week.

Other than that, our landscaping appointment fell through, but I think if we organise it for early May we should have a better idea on PCI and handover dates.

I have organised for BISQ to do two inspections on the build – at the fitting and PCI stages (the only two we have left). I mentioned it to our site manager and he called back quickly after that, explaining that it might be better to just do the PCI and that Metricon build to AU standards (he mentioned waste of money). We want it done because:

  • a lot of other people I’ve spoken to have had them done at other stages and found a lot of problems,
  • we aren’t builders, so while everything is looking fantastic to us… maybe it’s not?
  • peace of mind knowing someone’s looking at the quality who hasn’t got an invested interest with just getting the job done.

We shall see how it goes.

We walked through and met our tiler on Tuesday morning, that was quite quick, and we also measured out where sofas could go, so we have a better idea on spacing. Our neighbours both have their frames up, I think one should have bricks and the other their roof the next time we look.


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