Nothing much to report here.

I visited the site on Wednesday, 3 May. The plumbers were there doing the final fit-off. We had a slight hiccup with our electrical fit-off – the powerpoints we had selected have been discontinued so we got an upgrade to the Clipsal Iconic. We had already upgraded our light switches (clipsal impress sc2000 with LED) so are sticking with them. Hopefully the electrical fit-off will be completed before our pre-PCI on Tuesday afternoon. We’ve organised a meeting with our fencing/landscaping contractor at 430 on Tuesday as well.

We’ve had some hiccups with our fencing as well. Back in October, the sales rep who sold us the land had emailed me confirmation that the rear fence for our property (backs onto a road) would be completed by the developer. I contacted him to start organising getting it completed straight after handover – because our side/front fences can’t be started until the rear panel is done. Unfortunately I was given the wrong information and we are responsible for the rear fence. Going off the advice I received by several people, I emailed our solicitor who handled the settlement. It’s not that we want something for free, but we were told about the fence in October and it’s only now, 6+ months later and when we need the fence to be done, that the mistake was rectified. It’s probably going to cost us another $1200-1400.

Rather than contact us and talk to us about it, our solicitor contacted the sales rep, who contacted me. I spent 10 minutes talking to him: he basically said it would come out of his pocket if we pursued this avenue with the solicitor and he “didn’t think we looked like the type of people who would want something for free”. I’m so frustrated that the solicitor hasn’t contacted us at all. I’m so frustrated that he made out like he was the victim. We are going to wait to see how much the rear fence is quoted for – it’s on top of a retaining wall so I can imagine it’s going to be more expensive.

Next weekend is the Warehouse Furniture Clearnance in Aspley and we’ll be heading there bright and early on Saturday morning to (hopefully) buy our sofas. Then we’ll be heading to JB-Hi Home for our fridge and washing machine, and to Fantastic Furniture to order our furniture. We are 2.5 weeks out from our PCI and 4.5 weeks out from our handover, with any luck the stores can hold our whitegoods and furniture until then, and deliver it straight to our house.

I’ll update after Tuesday about how our pre-PCI and landscaping/fencing appointment went.


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