We have keys!

On Friday, we did a bunch of paperwork and handover stuff, I gave our site managers (both old and new were there) the cheque and they gave me the keys.

So that’s a 20-week build period and 45 days before the contracted PCI date. Our site managers both kept a tight rein on the contracting services and we only had 1 rain day. We had no changes to our contract that delayed the build – we only had the gutter cut and the rendering added after the build started, which did not affect the timing of anything.

You can see my review here: http://www.productreview.com.au/r/metricon/1349829.html

Husband and I were at our house yesterday (10 June – my birthday!) for our furniture delivery (Fantastic Furniture – Toronto design). With help from a couple of friends we’ve unboxed and built everything except 3 boxes (4 x dining chair and 2 x bar stools). I have all of next week off work so I’ll be moving and unpacking as much as I possibly can.

Fencing starts on Monday (we already have a lot of materials sitting at the front of our house) and our gas gets delivered/installed (LPG bottles by ORIGIN). Tuesday is whitegoods delivery day and Thursday or Friday is when our air conditioning will be getting installed.





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