Post-selection update

It’s been awhile because not much has actually happened. Our date-line looks like this so far:

24 Sept 2016 – met with H from Metricon

25 Sept 2016 – completed Expression of Interest paperwork for both house and land and paid small deposits

12 October 2016 – signed land contract

30 October 2016 – signed Prelim house contract

2nd November – initial Finance approval date – requested 2 week extension

7th/8th November – survey plan for land sealed by council, soil testing starting

16th November – extended Finance date 1 – requested 2 week extension
– completed selections at Studio M, tile studio and Stratus electrical

So… now that we have selected everything for the house, the house contract is being finalised. Our customer service rep told us on the day that the contract should be ready by 30th Nov. I didn’t take into account getting the contract from M’s head office to our sales consultant until I got a phone call to book our appointment in. At this point, we’re booked in for 8th December to sign our house contract. Which means at least one more finance extension for the land – lord, I hope we are approved for that! Our broker has said finance approval will take +3 days once contract is received, so I’m estimating a finance date of 14th November.

I have lots of awesome stuff to show you and talk about for our house selections! I’ll do a separate post about that. Complete with photos, and some prices.





How we decided to build

My husband and I are currently living in Brisbane, QLD, with his mother. We’ve been here for almost 3 years now. First, we were waiting until (then-boyfriend) found a permanent job. Then we got engaged and were waiting until after the wedding. It’s been a year since our wedding and we’ve been saving, and saving, and saving. I had in mind that we still had another year of saving, which meant still living with my mother-in-law (who is a lovely lady), and both of us driving 1 hour (+) each way to work every day. So it was a pleasant surprise when a financial broker said we might be able to get a loan now.

Que me looking at houses much closer to work. We even looked at a few. And during my online-real estate wanderings one day I came across an advertisement for land and sent an enquiry through.

On 23 September 2016, T from Villa World called me up, got some details from me, and sent through my details to H at Metricon. She sent me through some details, and I forwarded them to Husband to look at before I got home from work.

On 24 September, Husband, mother-in-law and I spent about 3 hours in a display home with H and on 25 September we put Expression of interest deposits down on the house package and land.

Today is the 9th of October and I thought, maybe it would be a good idea to document our journey for anyone else who is out there and considering their options.

A few key things about our journey so far, since it’s been 2 and a bit weeks:

  • The land is still being cleared – it won’t be ready for building until Nov-Dec 2016
  • I’m a bit anally-retentive, and I have a lot of anxiety about stuff, which will probably be reflected in this blog
  • I plan to keep this as anonymous as possible
  • This blog reflects my personal opinions and feelings only